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December 2011
"Nothing endures but change" --Heraclitus

On the web, change occurs quickly and continually . It seems that every day we hear about another one of the latest-and-greatest search tools being closed down - or altered beyond recognition. To help you keep up with this never-ending frenzy, ResearchNOTES brings you the latest updates on a few of my favorite online resources:

For U.S. demographic and economic statistics, the go-to place is American FactFinder. The Census Bureau is currently moving the data to the new American FactFinder site and will be closing the legacy site on January 20, 2012. Learn all about the new American FactFinder, including searching, bookmarking, and other features, at this web page.  

Over at Google, they've been making so many changes, it's impossible to keep track. That's why Phil Bradley's guide to Google functions and resources is so handy . Not included on this list is the big makeover of Google News advanced searching. They've made it virtually impossible to find, but you can get there by following this link.

Finally, one of my favorite sites for quick and basic local and national market data has long been zapdata.com. Unfortunately, the site has been closed, and I really haven't found a good substitute for zapdata's market overviews and business counts. If any ResearchNOTES readers have found a similar source, please let me know. I'll share with the group.

Wishing you only good changes in 2012. Happy holidays to all!


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