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May 2011
"Give me a one-handed economist!"

President Harry Truman's famous frustration at hearing "on the one hand this – but on the other hand that" advice about the economy is as understandable today as it was back then. The economy is still a hot topic – and it's even more complex. So where do you go when you need easy-to-understand information about the inner workings of the U.S. and global economies? In this month's issue of ResearchNotes, I'm suggesting a few resources that I have found to be very helpful...

What is a Recession, Who Decides When It Starts, and When Do They Decide? is a report from the U.S. Congressional Research Service. Published in 2008, the report does not cover the current economic situation – but it offers a great overview of this important designation and past recessionary cycles.

Visit Country Risk and Economic Research to learn about and compare country economic indicators, strengths, weaknesses, and business-climate ratings. Also look for coverage of the world's main industry sectors, such as agrofood, clothing, computers, and tourism.

From the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, The Economy: Crisis & Response provides information and analysis on what caused the financial crisis in the U.S., the Federal Reserve's response, the economic recovery, and the Fed's role in financial regulatory reform. At the bottom of the main page, you'll also find links to additional online resources about the financial crisis.    

As always, if in your work you come across other good sites on this subject, please pass them along!


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