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September 2011

September 2011
Favorite Google alternatives

Last month, I brought you some Google advanced features that help target the information you need. But Google's not the only game in town - and thorough searches always involve more than one search engine. In this issue, I'll highlight a few of my favorite Google alternatives...

DuckDuckGo offers a simple, clean interface that's reminiscent of the 'old' Google. Unlike the Google of today, though, DuckDuckGo doesn't collect personal information or filter your results. Try their keyboard shortcuts to save search time.
Clustering search engines, including Biznar, Mednar and WorldWideScience, sort results in folders based on topic, publication year, author, source and other categories. I use these to familiarize myself with a new or broad topic, or to quickly narrow my searches.
While Google may be most people's default search engine, Bing is becoming a real contender. It doesn't have the advanced search capabilities that Google has, but I consistently get different - and relevant - results.

What are your favorite Google alternatives?


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