Competitor & Market Intelligence

Surprised by industry trends and market events? Stay ahead of the competition and learn about opportunities and threats – before they they affect your business.

Become a leader in your industry, not a follower. Develop strategies to withstand the changes, fluctuations, and obstacles that stand in the way of success. Phelps Research Intelligence Reports help you improve planning and outcomes for your sales, marketing, and product development teams.

Competitive overview and profiles

We are experts at gathering and analyzing online and human intelligence for informed business decisions. Our customized reports cover the competitive landscape, including the big and small players, successes and failures, regulatory issues, and more.

Market overview

Tune into the key trends, issues, and outlook for your or your client’s industry. We consult online sources and experts in the field, separate fact from fiction, and tell you what it means for your business and market planning.

Monitoring and early warning systems

Why wait to take action? We keep you up-to-date on your competitors’ actions, industry changes, and market opportunities sooner, rather than later. We summarize and highlight key points, so you don’t need to search for what matters most.

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